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Volden Armchair Ease Flexlux – upholstered arms



Product Description

Flexlux is about top-class comfort and modern design. The Danish brand has designed two armchairs: Ease technology and Sense technology. In both cases we are dealing with innovative solutions and first-class materials. The Ease collection is composed of 8 chairs: Elegant, Chester and Quit, Clement, Marina, Navis, Serene and Volden, which differs only in embroidery / stitching on the seat or back. In each of them there is an easy and pleasant change of the backrest (just pull the handle), an adjustable headrest and a ventilated backrest for the leather version.

Thanks to the rotary and reclining function, the seat can be adjusted to the optimum rest position. For the seat and backrest you can choose between high quality fabric or natural leather. Likewise, the shell can remain in its original form or covered in fabric or leather in any colour from the Flexlux fabric collection. Both the armchair and footrests are available in three bases to choose from: aluminum,  white or black aluminium.


Depth: 89-123 cm

Seating height: 44 cm


  • Upholstered 3100
  • Wood Black 3200
  • Wood white 3300
  • White oak 3400
  • Oiled oak 3500
  • Walnut 3600


  • Polished aluminium 101
  • White 102
  • Black 103


*Price is for the Volden Armchair, with upholstered arms

Separate, you can order a Volden, price is between 314-487 Euro, with upholstered shell.

*Please choose your desired Flexlux armchair design here:

Additional Information

Texture Flexlux:

Alpaca, Bastia leather, Century leather 0870, Century leather 0871 Stone, Century leather 0872 Soft Black, Century leather 0873 Cognac Brown, Century leather 0874 Darn Brown Armaretto, Eton leather, Lusia Group 1, Nature leather, Navelli group 2, Safari leather, Savoy leather, Super Soft Wool Group 4, Super Velvet group 2- 2370 Mole Brown, Tafuri Group 1


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