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Shiko Magnum Bed – Miniforms


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Shiko is a ritual exercise performed by sumo wrestlers, which involves lifting the legs and stomping hard on the floor to chase away evil spirits. Like that ritual, we have designed a bed that evokes a sense of solidity and safety. Its strength lies in the softness of its headboard.


Founded in 2012 by Gaia Giotti and Jonah Scarselli, E-GGS is concerned with the design of a transversal approach, ranging from product design, interior and architecture.
The attention and the curiosity are captured by the discovery of the unusual in everyday life, in the search for new forms of expression and materials. It is the exploration of the needs of everyday ideas that arise for ideas.
In Florence E-GGS is located in a laboratory that integrates experimental and creative skills of different professions.


Shiko Magnum Bed Miniforms


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