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now! slide: gentle giants

Sliding is the most beautiful mode of (apart from flying of course) – it is smooth, silent and efficient. For now! slide, we have therefore designed smooth-running sliding doors that can be easily opened and closed with just a little nudge. Modern hülsta technology, the soft-closing auto-pull in feature SoftGlide, make your life easy.

Apart from the technology, the design is also stunning:

The beautiful doors are available in 3 design versions with front and accent surfaces. Lacquer, high-gloss lacquer and wood can be chosen to your heart’s content. Does it work? It works!

Bring on individuality and versatile combinations! Three front designs, three colours, three wood finishes plus two lacquer versions, matt and high-gloss – take any of these basics to create a design classic for your bedroom.
Sliding doors come with aluminium handles as standard. Gloss stainless steel handles are optionally available.
We use the most precious veneers for a beautifully balanced furniture design. Genuine wood adds warm accents to now! slide. The character of the furniture is changed noticeably if you change the type of wood – available in distinctive dark stained oak, light natural oak and elegant core walnut.


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