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Cove armchair Sense Flexlux



Product Description

Flexlux is about top-class comfort and modern design. The Danish brand has designed two armchairs: Ease technology and Sense technology. In both cases we are dealing with innovative solutions and first-class materials.

Flexlux Sense is available in 7 designs: Tailered, Drops, Square, Horizon, Urban, Trend, Cove.  The dual adjustment mechanism of Sense technology provides a natural and stylish retreat, that quickly lets you adjust the angle to your preferred position.  The unique five-layer upholstery adapts to every movement of your body and your contours.

In addition, Flexlux has integrated Air Channels and Perforated Leather for outstanding breathability.

Flexlux Sense properties: built-in neck support, dynamic adjustable backrest for optimal ergonomics, unique five-layer upholstery, durable, shell with natural veneer or fully upholstered, wide armrests for increased comfort, 360 ° rotatable, gravity based recline function adjustable for both height and weight, aluminium base for maximum stability available in three different colors.

Available in fabric and leather


Width: 80 cm

Depth: 84-119 cm

Height: 112 cm

Seating height: 46 cm


  • Upholstered 3100
  • Wood Black 3200
  • Wood white 3300
  • White oak 3400
  • Oiled oak 3500
  • Walnut 3600


  • Polished aluminium 101
  • White 102
  • Black 103


*Price is for the Flexlux armchair Cove, Sense collection, with Black Wood shell, in fabric Super Velvet gr.2:

  • 2374 Dark Blue texture
  • 2376 Silvery Grey texture
  • 2377 Golden Beige texture
  • 2378 Blossom Red texture

Separately, you can choose a Cove footrest to your chair, price is 350 Euro, in fabric 2374 Super Velvet gr.2, with Black Wood shell.

For other texture types please contact us.

Additional Information

Texture Flexlux:

Super Velvet group 2- 2370 Mole Brown, Super Velvet group 2- 2374 Dark Blue, Super Velvet group 2- 2376 Silver Grey, Super Velvet group 2- 2377 Golden Beige, Super Velvet group 2- 2378 Blossom Red


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